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Kaivac in 2017: The Year in Review

December 28, 2017   http://kaiv.ac/4c1VdF
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As another year comes to an end here at Kaivac, we can’t help but look back at the events and accomplishments of the last 12 months. Let’s look back at the highlights of 2017.


    1. Stop the Mop

      Kaivac Year in Review: Stop the Mop

Do you know the truth about mops? In Kaivac’s biggest campaign of the year, we shared these disgusting but true facts about mops. Mops are microbial compost heaps, and only remove about 50% of surface bacteria. Because of the Stop the Mop campaign, many businesses, such as BTG Laboratories, have switched to hygienic spray-and-vac technologies, improving cleanliness, safety, and cleaning worker dignity.


  1. Icky SpreaderKaivac Year in Review 2017- Icky the Mop at ISSA

The one opponent to Stop the Mop is Icky Spreader. At Kaivac, we encourage healthy debate of the merits of different cleaning methods, especially when that debate is backed by solid science. Icky may be popular on YouTube and at ISSA, but unfortunately, he’s not very effective at his job. But don’t take our word for it, watch the Mopumentary and get the full story from the mop himself.



  1. Distributors Choice Award

Kaivac Year in Review 2017 - Distributors Choice AwardYou like us, you really like us! In May, Sanitary Maintenance revealed the winners of its fourth annual Distributor Choice Award. Distributors chose their top 40 products of the year from a field of nearly 350 entries. The OmniFlex SUV made the list, and it’s easy to see why. The SUV is an all-in-one multipurpose platform that replaces and outperforms mops and buckets, janitor’s carts, wet vacuums, dust mops, and in some cases, even auto-scrubbers. Welcome to the future of cleaning.


  1. Kaivac KaiTutor

    Kaivac Year in Review 2017- KaiTutor

One of our most exciting new innovations from 2017 is KaiTutor, an onboard training system designed to help custodial workers excel on the job. The cleaning industry’s high turnover rate can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. KaiTutor brings new employees up to speed with an onboard training interface, putting high quality cleaning at their fingertips. Loaded with videos, KaiTutor provides hands-on training to workers where they need it most, and can quickly turn inexperienced workers into highly productive cleaning professionals.


  1. Data Powered Change at ISSA

    Kaivac Year in Review - ISSA

In September our team flew out to Las Vegas for the annual ISSA/INTERCLEAN convention. Our focus this year was on Data Powered Change, and how scientific measurement can help drive a cleaning business. We had the opportunity to speak with many cleaning professionals about data and measurement. Their answers speak to the future of the cleaning industry! Read them here.


  1. Trash CompactorKaivac Year In Review - Trash Compactor

The brand new Trash Compactor was a huge hit on the trade floor at ISSA. This vacuum-powered wand removes air from trash bags in seconds, instantly shrinking them down. This results in reducing trash volume by up to one-half, allowing workers to collect more at a time, stay on task, and reduce trips to the dumpster. See it in action here.



  1. New Office

Kaivac Year in Review - New Office

In October we made a move to a new corporate campus in Hamilton, OH. The new campus more than doubles Kaivac’s facility size (it includes a training center!) and has allowed Kaivac to triple it’s staffing, bringing new jobs to the community. “We’re thrilled with our new space,” says VP of Marketing Tom Morrison. “Besides providing a positive and energetic work environment, it’s great having our organization together in one location. More importantly, it will support the growth we anticipate in the coming years.”

  1. Easterseals Outstanding Community Partner

Kaivac Year in Review - Easterseals GalaKaivac had the honor of being recognized as Easterseals’ 2017 Outstanding Community Partner. Since 2004, Kaivac has partnered with Easterseals of Greater Cincinnati to provide jobs for individuals with disabilities. Twenty Easterseal employees work in our manufacturing center, producing more than 60 unique parts used in Kaivac equipment. President Bob Robinson, Sr. accepted the award at Easterseals’ annual awards gala. “It’s a tremendous honor for Kaivac to receive this award,” said Robinson. “We are proud of our relationship with Easterseals and proud of the people we have hired through Easterseals. We’re helping to make their lives more productive, and they are helping us make products that help make our customers more productive as well.” Watch this video to learn more about Kaivac’s relationship with Easterseals.


It’s been a great year for us here at Kaivac, we look forward to what 2018 will bring!

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