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Stop the Mop

Disgusting But True

The disgusting truth about mops is that they fail to effectively remove harmful bacteria, but there’s more. Mops also breed bacteria in their musty fibers, and they leave behind a slipping hazard that injures people and drives up insurance premiums. Enough already. Get the facts and Stop the Mop!

#1 Mops only remove about 50% of surface bacteria.Source →

Bacteria in Mop

#2 Within one hour of sterilization with bleach, a bathroom can completely recolonize with microbes.Source →

Bacteria Recolonization

#3 Bacteria thrive by eating urea in urine residue. That’s what gives off that telltale ammonia odor.Source →

Bacteria eat urine

#4 About 45% of bacteria on restroom surfaces are fecal in origin.Source →

Bacteria Poop Selfie

#5 Dead bacteria left behind from mopping with chemicals become a food source for other bacteria.Source →

Bacteria eat dead bacteria

#6 A toilet flush is like a sneeze that sends aerosolized urine and fecal matter as far as 36 feet away.Source →

Toilet Sneeze

Need More Convincing? Watch This:

“I Stopped The Mop”

We totally got rid of mops. They don’t do a good job; they’re not cost effective. New technology has made mopping obsolete. I find it amazing that mops are still being used as much as they are. Why would I make my employee use a dirty, nasty mop? The dignity of the worker matters.

Tom McLean

President of BTG Labs

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Effective Alternatives

  • Kaivac systems are proven to be up to 60 times more effective at removing bacteria than mops
  • Studies found the OmniFlex SUV is twice as effective at removing E. coli than a mop
  • According to independent tests, the No-Touch Cleaning system removes more than 99.9% of targeted bacteria when used with plain tap water only
  • The No-Touch Cleaning system removes 98% of urine residue on both smooth hard surfaces and grout lines

Source →s: Kaivac, Toxics Use Reduction Institute at UMASS, ISSA Cleaning Times

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