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Icky the Mop Recaps PRSM 2019

June 12, 2019   http://kaiv.ac/4c2jcK

Kaivac Stop the Mop PRSM Connex 2019

Last month, Icky the Mop attended the 2019 PRSM Convention (now Connex) in Denver, CO. He had such a great time connecting to industry leaders that we’re taking a quick stroll down memory lane and relive some of the highlights.   

Icky the Mop with his wing mop at PRSM (now Connex).

“I’ll be your wing mop any time!” Icky ran into Maverick on the trade show floor. While Icky is hardly a maverick, Kaivac is an innovative industry leader. 

Kaivac PRSM Icky the Mop
Icky protesting the Stop the Mop movement.

Icky disturbed the show floor trying to stop Kaivac, but industry leaders know that to truly clean you must Stop the Mop

Icky the Mop PRSM 2019 Stop the Mop
Icky’s great idea.

Icky has a great idea! Never stop mopping! 

Icky records a podcast.

Icky took a moment out of his busy protesting schedule to record a podcast with CGP Maintenance. Listen to the whole interview here

Icky meets some friends at ProTeam.

Frank Baldwin and Rich Steinberg from ProTeam tried to clean Icky’s fronds, but, alas, Icky was still yucky.

Icky at the Connex booth.

The biggest news of the conference was PRSM rebranding to become Connex. Here’s Icky hamming it up in the Connex booth.

Kaivac Stop the Mop PRSM Connex 2019

At the end of the day, Icky had a great time with the Kaivac team. Here he is with Allen Randolph, Bob Robinson Jr., and Gary Price.

We had a great time at Connex 2019, we can’t wait to connect with more people in Orlando at Connex 2020! 

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