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In Their Own Words: Why Industry Leaders Stopped the Mop

August 7, 2018   http://kaiv.ac/4c1QXj
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The days of the mop and bucket being the go-to cleaning tool are coming to an end. Cleaning professionals in all industries are fed up with the poor results, intense labor, and inefficiency of this ancient cleaning tool. Many industry leaders are turning to Kaivac OmniFlex systems as a replacement for janitors’ cart, mop, and bucket. Keep reading to learn more about three very different businesses that benefited from making the switch to Kaivac.

The Pet Hospitals

Chris Henderson is the Chief Operating Officer of The Pet Hospitals in Memphis, TN. After a major renovation of their seven full-service veterinary clinics, staff at one clinic was having a hard time cleaning the kennel area. Chris found the perfect solution in the OmniFlex Spray-and-Vac system. In addition to being more efficient, the office saw a decrease in reported infections within the first year of use.

“Efficiency is everything to me. With the OmniFlex system one staff member can take a pet out for a walk while another cleans. By the time the pet comes back the kennel is clean, sanitized and dry.”
-Chris Henderson, Chief Operating Officer, The Pet Hospitals

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Buffalo Wings and Rings

Jake Hibbit, assistant manager at Buffalo Wings and Rings in Greendale, IN, was struggling to maintain the dining room floor in the 6,000 square foot restaurant. Mops were tracking grease from the back of house to the front of house, and footprints covered the floor every morning. All it took was one demo to convince him an OmniFlex System was the cleaning tool the restaurant needed. They now use Kaivac to tackle both front of house and back of house cleaning.

OmniFlex Kitchen

Kaivac handles greasy commercial kitchen floors.

“The OmniFlex cleans the same space about 10 minutes faster than a mop. At night we used to have two servers close. One went around with a deck brush to scrub, the next would mop. Now we only need one closer to man the OmniFlex. When I get to work in the morning, the floors look new everyday. The Kaivac machine completely solved the problem.”
-Jake Hibbit, Assistant Manager, Buffalo Wings and Rings

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BTG Labs

For Tom McLean, President of BTG Labs in Cincinnati, OH, a clean and welcoming space is top priority when welcoming prestigious clients to their research facility. He made the choice to stop the use of mops and switch over to the Kaivac OmniFlex SUV for floors he could be confident were always ready for clients to view.

Kaivac OmniFlex

“Stopping the use of mops was an easy decision to make once I saw how the OmniFlex system cleans.  [And we’ve found] the more we use it, the cleaner our floors get. There’s no comparison.  It’s a night-and-day difference.  The OmniFlex is significantly better at removing soil than a mop.”
-Tom McLean, President, BTG Labs

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Find the Right OmniFlex System

From food service to technology, there’s no industry an OmniFlex system can’t handle. Mops paint a room with dirt and bacteria. The OmniFlex dispenses fresh water and cleaning solution, then extracts soil, leaving behind instantly dry floors and removing 60 times more contaminants than mops. Find the system that’s right for your facility here, and stop the mop for good.

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