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The Worst Cleaning Products You Already Own

June 2, 2017   http://kaiv.ac/4c1XkV
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The Worst Cleaning Products That You Already Own

People have been cleaning commercial spaces the same way for years, using the same bad tools to do the same ineffective job. This usually results in germs being spread over large spaces and surfaces that are marred by sticky buildup, erosion, or worse. The culprit in all these problems is the choice of cleaning products. The worst cleaning products do more harm than good, so what looks like a clean surface is actually smeared with soil and bacteria. If you clean with the right tools, though, you’ll have a germ-free space without any surface damage. Here are some of the worst cleaning tools you may have and what you should be using instead.

Traditional Tools

Mops, rags, and buckets are the traditional tools of anyone who cleans a commercial floor or surface, but these tools spread dirt and germs around more than they actually clean. A clean mop or rag removes soil and bacteria from a dirty surface. The contaminants rinse off into a bucket filled with cleaning solution, where they diffuse throughout the solution. These same contaminants are then redeposited onto the dirty mop when it’s dipped back into the bucket. The mop then spreads an even coating of soil and germs over every surface it’s trying to clean. A better choice of cleaning tools will allow you to avoid cross-contamination.

Enzyme Cleaners

Enzyme cleaners are among the worst cleaning products you can use on your property. The bacteria in restrooms feed on urine and other body fluids, giving restrooms an unpleasant odor. These bacteria live in the grout between the floor tiles—but while the harsh enzyme cleaners clean away the bacteria, they also eat away at your floor grout, causing expensive damage. The best way to stop these bacteria is to properly clean between the floor tiles and remove them completely. If you clean your floor correctly, you won’t have any need for enzyme cleaners.

Air Fresheners

If it smells good, it’s clean, right? Your restroom might seem clean if it smells like a woodland meadow or a field of flowers, but air freshener sprays that give off scent every time the door opens are just masking the smell of a dirty restroom. There’s nothing wrong with adding a pleasant scent to your restroom after it’s clean, but too many people cover up odors instead of removing them. Take care of the problem by cleaning the grout between your floor tiles to eliminate the “restroom smell,” and you’ll be able to give up the artificial scents and leave the room smelling clean.

Proper Tools

The best way to clean commercial surfaces is to use tools and products that remove soil and bacteria without redepositing them, such as Kaivac’s No-Touch Cleaning System. With no-touch cleaning, you spray a cleaning solution onto your dirty surfaces, rinse in high-pressure with fresh water to remove the soil and bacteria, and then use a powerful commercial vacuum system to remove the moisture and contaminants from your environment. There’s no chance of soil or germs being redeposited onto the floor or countertops and no need for harsh enzymatic cleaners. This system is quicker to use than traditional methods, and it saves you money by preventing damage to your expensive floor grout and buying expensive air fresheners.

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