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The Best Way to Clean Greasy Kitchen Floors

June 16, 2017   http://kaiv.ac/4c1XkR
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The Best Way to Clean Greasy Kitchen Floors

Five years ago, Richard Sanchez of AJ Janitorial, a building service contractor located in Santa Rosa, California, won the contract to clean a large country club in Northern California. Most of the cleaning duties are not that much different from those required in a more typical cleaning situation, such as a good-sized office building. However, cleaning the country club’s two kitchens has proved to be quite a different matter.

According to Sanchez, the difficulty with the restaurant kitchens is that after each shift, grease covers the work areas, stoves, and floors. This happens when cooking oil becomes airborne and soon blankets everything with a slick film.

“The grease not only contributes to an unhealthy environment but increases the possibility of slip and fall accidents, which can be a big problem.”

Sanchez says that the country club’s former cleaning crew used outdated cleaning procedures and did not have the floor-cleaning equipment necessary to properly do the job.

He explains that their usual routine, which is not uncommon, was to clean the floors by mopping them with a degreaser. While degreasers can definitely remove grease and grime, they not the safest or healthiest cleaning solution to use.

“But when cleaning the floor this way, the mop becomes saturated with grease and then just spreads the oil around the floor instead of picking it up.” And because the floors are quarry tile, “the grout discolors and becomes soiled. To rectify this, we use even more degreaser and scrub the grout areas with the mop. [But] we have to be very careful because this can cause breathing problems or make eyes watery.”

Sanchez is right. We do not recommend floor mopping to clean commercial kitchen floors. All the problems he mentioned are not only typical; they should be expected. All too often restaurant cleaning workers still follow these same steps using the same cleaning solutions.

Kaivac offers several alternatives that allow cleaning workers to “toss the mop.” Both the OmniFlex SUV and AutoVac systems are designed to clean all types of floors in all kinds of conditions quickly and effectively. Grease and soil are removed and vacuumed up by the machine, so it does not collect in the grout.

And along with requiring no mops, the systems always apply a fresh cleaning solution to the floor. This is important because cleaning solutions lose their effectiveness as the water becomes soiled. Using fresh solution prevents this, so less chemical is needed, helping to keep cleaning workers safe and healthy.


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