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The Answer to Solution Control

June 9, 2017   http://kaiv.ac/4c1XkS
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The Answer to Solution Control

One of the significant problems mop users encounter is referred to as “solution control.” This has little to do with the mixing of cleaning solution and water in the mop bucket. Instead, it relates to making sure the mopping solution does not go where it’s not supposed to go.

While we can’t always detect it, most floors are uneven. Due to shifting over time, certain areas are slightly higher or lower than others.  This makes it easy for cleaning solution to run wild when we are mopping. In particular, if we are scrubbing aggressively to remove heavy soils –  using more cleaning solution – there is a good possibility that the cleaning solution will end up going under doorways; reach other floor areas such as carpet; or find its ways into adjacent storage areas where it could damage paper files and other stored items

Say the cleaning solution finds its way onto a wood floor or even one of the new laminates that look like wood, stone, or other floor types. These floors are considered “moisture sensitive” and are susceptible to water damage, even in small amounts. If the water reaches carpet, it can stain the carpet, and if not detected, mold and mildew may grow.

According to Stanley Quentin Hulin, a writer for the professional cleaning and carpet cleaning industry, cleaning professionals can ensure effective solution control by “removing as much moisture as possible with a wet vacuum or damp mopping several times. Floor fans and air movers can be used to help in the drying process.”

Although this advice may have been appropriate when it was published ten years ago, today there is a better way. Since that time, Kaivac has introduced its powerful OmniFlex AutoVac systems. So, unfortunately, and very respectfully, Mr. Hulin’s advice does not hold up in today’s professional cleaning world.

Tests show the AutoVac system cleans much more efficiently than a mop and is comparable – if not better than –than an auto scrubber when it comes to cleaning ability. Plus, the AutoVac vacuums up the moisture as it goes, eliminating the need to bring in a wet vacuum.

Mr. Hulin also suggests “damp mopping several times” to ensure solution control. Again with all due respect, floor mopping is slow, tedious, and stressful on the body. Further, we now know that the longer the mop is used, the more soiled it becomes and the more likely it is to spread contaminants.

The AutoVac system uses no mops, is three to four times faster than mopping, and provides the speed and performance of an auto scrubber. The AutoVac system is how today’s cleaning professional makes sure floors are clean and healthy, with all moisture removed in the process.

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