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Where To Stop The Mop

In order to stop mops and their inferior cleaning, we need superior alternatives. Studies prove that Kaivac technologies remove soil and bacteria and improve the cleanliness and health of hard surfaces. Click through the area types below to see how Kaivac technologies out-clean mops in every application.


  • Heavy Duty
  • Light Duty


  • Front of House
  • Back of House

Hard Floors

  • Wide Spaces
  • Entryways
  • Spill Cleanup

Restrooms - Heavy Duty

Don’t spread odor-causing bacteria - remove it. In restrooms with high fixture counts and water-resistant surfaces like tile walls, a Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning system not only cleans fixtures 3 times faster than traditional methods, it also removes 98% of urine residue on both smooth hard surfaces and grout lines, making it a fast and effective choice for maintaining welcoming facilities.

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Restrooms - Light Duty

In smaller restrooms with water-sensitive surfaces like drywall, a Kaivac OmniFlex system maneuvers with ease while removing up to 99.8 % of targeted soil. (A new microfiber mop removes only 50.9 %.) Pair the OmniFlex system with the scientifically proven Kaivac SmartTowel method for fixtures, dispensers, and other touch points to ensure a reliably hygienic restroom.

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Foodservice - Front of House

68% of restaurant patrons will not return to an establishment with dirty floors. That is too big a percentage to continue to trust bacteria-laden mops with maintaining ordering and dining areas. Create a pristine appearance while removing the food residue that attracts bacteria with a Kaivac OmniFlex system.

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Foodservice - Back of House

In restaurant kitchens, greasy soils quickly build up on floors creating a slipping hazard and abundant food for bacteria. A major university study found a Kaivac OmniFlex system is about twice as effective at removing E. coli than a mop. It also cleans and dries flooring so effectively; it earned National Flooring Safety Institute’s certification for providing high traction.

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Hard Floors - Wide Spaces

Performance tests show that an OmniFlex system is 3 to 4 times faster than a mop. For large-area cleaning, the timesavings will be a game-changer. Add that to removal of 99.8% of targeted soil, even with tap water only, and you have a fast and effective solution for hard floors in every area of a building.

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Hard Floors - Entryways

Reduce slip-and-fall risk from weather-related cleanup and create a welcoming first impression. The OmniFlex cleans and dries floors so effectively; it earned National Flooring Safety Institute’s certification for providing high traction. In addition, scientific studies found it to be 60 times more effective at reducing bacterial contamination than mops.

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Hard Floors - Spill Cleanup

When it comes to spill response, faster is better. Like a mop, an OmniFlex system is simple and intuitive to use. Unlike a mop, it actually cleans effectively, removing up to 99.8% of targeted soil, and dries floors instantly, earning National Flooring Safety Institute’s certification for providing high traction.

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