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Sawgrass Cleaning Grows with Kaivac

November 13, 2019   http://kaiv.ac/4c2s5w

Sawgrass Cleaning Kaivac

Just over four years ago, Josh Burstein was working in accounting in South Florida. Like many entrepreneurs, he disliked working for someone else and was looking to start his own business. After doing some research, Burstein noticed there was a need for quality cleaning companies in his region. Most local cleaning companies were using outdated equipment, mops and buckets, and generally not providing a professional experience. To fill the void, Burstein founded Sawgrass Cleaning with the goal of providing a professional cleaning experience using leading industry tools. His research led him to discover the Kaivac OmniFlex AutoVac, and he knew he’d caught onto something that would make his burgeoning business stand out.  

A Quality Job Leads to Growth 

Four years into operating Sawgrass Cleaning, and the business has grown from Burstein cleaning a few small offices to having a staff of 10 that manages 25 facilities. For Burstein, growth comes easy when you do a quality job. 

“We make our customers happy by providing a great service, and they tell people about their satisfaction.”  

Doing a quality job is all about the equipment you use, which is why Burstein also contributes much of his success to Kaivac, including the acquisition of their biggest contract to date, an eight-story condominium building. 

A Sawgrass employee cleans their newest client: a condominium.

“The reason we got the condo was because of the AutoVac,” said Burstein. “Everyone else was going in and bidding with a mop and bucket. We were the only ones that went in with something innovative, the only ones who wanted to turn around their cleaning program and provide them with something no one else could.” 

A Night and Day Difference 

For Burstein, using the AutoVac in the condo has made a huge difference in productivity. Under the previous contractor, cleaners were hauling a mop and bucket up and down stairs to clean 8 floors of catwalks and hallways. They could only clean one floor per day, and each floor took 4-5 hours. With the AutoVac, Burstein’s team can tackle two floors per day in only an hour and a half or about 45 minutes per floor. But time savings aren’t the only benefit. 

“Not only are we saving time,” says Burstein, “We’re not spreading dirt; we’re picking everything up. It’s made a night and day difference.” 

The AutoVac allows Sawgrass employees to clean two catwalks a day in under 2 hours.

Automate with the AutoVac 

Sawgrass Cleaning is just one of hundreds of cleaning companies determined to Stop the Mop. Because mops only remove about 50% of surface bacteriacause repetitive motion injuries, and are incredibly time-consuming to use, it’s no wonder cleaning pros such as Burstein are searching for other options. The AutoVac is an obvious substitution for many contractors. This automated floor cleaning machine is three-four times faster than mopping, while actually removing up to 99.8% of targeted bacteria, rather than just pushing it around. The AutoVac is safer for employees to use, NFSI-certified for providing high traction, and is a fraction of the cost of an autoscrubber. For BSC’s such as Sawgrass looking to stay competitive, the AutoVac is a perfect match. 

Watch the AutoVac clean a warehouse.

The Next Phase 

As for the future, Burstein hopes to keep growing. He’d love to expand into cleaning large restrooms and getting a No-Touch Cleaning Machine. For now, he’s interested in finding clients that share his vision. “We go after clients that want something new, that are actually interested in what we’re doing and how we’re going to do a better job for them,” Burstein states, “If you want someone that’s just going to go in, empty the trash, mop the floor, and leave, that’s not us.” 

Learn about an art gallery and performance space that also stopped the mop and moved to the AutoVac. 

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