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INFOGRAPHIC: Alternatives to Mopping

October 19, 2016   http://kaiv.ac/4c1Xyf

Alternatives to Mopping

Since we launched the Stop the Mop campaign, people have been asking, “What other options are there?” We are so glad you asked…


Your worst option, by far, is to continue using a classic string mop, dipping and wringing into the same contaminated solution. This is a recipe for rampant spread of dirt and disease.

Slightly Less Terrible

According to scientist Dr. Charles Gerba, doing nothing at all is better than spreading germs with a traditional mop and bucket. (We do not recommend this approach.)


If you must mop, use a microfiber flat mop and follow these steps: start with a clean, dry pad, spread your cleaning solution directly on the floor, allow for dwell time, and mop up the solution. Change the pad when it is saturated or in between rooms. And remember that, at their best, mops remove only about 50% of surface bacteria.

Best in Class

Reliable, hygienic floor care depends on a vacuum-assisted system that extracts and captures soiled solution in a separate recovery tank, eliminating the cross-contamination of mops. A dispense-and-vac system applies clean solution directly to the floor. Then you brush as needed and vacuum it up, capturing soil and germs.

For water-tolerant areas, a spray-and-vac system adds the cleaning power of an indoor pressure washer to the concept. These systems come in many modular configurations and can be just as flexible and maneuverable as a mop, while removing about 99% of soil and bacteria.

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