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IMPROVE BUSINESS: with the Right Cleaning Equipment

November 30, 2017   http://kaiv.ac/4c1VdR
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IMPROVE BUSINESS: with the Right Cleaning Equipment

Running a clean store is an essential ingredient to improve business. In fact, a study from M/A/R/C Research and National In-Store found that 14 percent of consumers said they would stop visiting a store if it didn’t meet their cleanliness standards. Unfortunately, many companies have custodians who are operating with tools that do not get the job done. If your cleaning systems are slowing down your team or not delivering results that your customers can see, your business deserves better. Here are five ways the right cleaning equipment can change that equation.

  1. Improved Productivity
    The first thing managers will notice about cleaning with mops, rags, and auto scrubbers is how long that process takes. It could take hours just passing over the floors of large stores, and custodians have to start by cleaning shelves, counters, and display areas manually. By the time they get to the restrooms, they’ve already spent a long time on cleaning, and there’s still more to go. This does not make sense for businesses. Consider how automated chemical injection and seamless operation can quicken the pace and allow custodians to cover more ground, all in a day’s work.
  2. Cleaner Stores
    The most obvious result of advanced cleaning equipment is to keep a clean store and improve business. The National In-Store study shows that consumers shop more — and buy more — in stores that are clean and will avoid shopping in dirty stores. When your custodians have the tools they need to handle the job, everyone passing through your establishment will see the difference. Your bottom line will reflect the change.
  3. Better Brand Image
    With a cleaner store comes a better brand image, and this advantage is crucial to business owners who are considering franchising a company. When establishing a larger presence in your community or region, a company’s brand perception impacts the success of expansion plans. Cleaning equipment that delivers attractive stores give a major boost to brand image.
  4. Happier Employees
    Office employees do not like to work with outdated computers. The same principle applies to cleaning systems. Mopping is a tedious, ineffective way to clean floors. Upgrading your cleaning equipment makes the process easier and improves employee morale. Like the latest computers, the most advanced cleaning systems are easier to understand and operate. That means less training time and a happier staff.
  5. Savings
    Upgrading to a versatile spray-and-vac cleaning system or an autovac means you can leave ineffective mops and expensive auto scrubbers behind. Store cleaning does not have to be slow and costly to be effective. An autovac delivers the same effectiveness as auto scrubbers while doing so at a much lower cost. From upfront costs to maintenance and cleaning supplies, the savings will add up.

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