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Icky the Mop and Benji Meet KaiTutor

July 24, 2018   http://kaiv.ac/4c1Q6Q
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Ask any cleaning professional what their go-to cleaning tool is and you may expect to hear “mop and bucket.” Much to the dismay of cleaning tradeshow celebrity Icky the Mop, we here at Kaivac are seeking to disrupt the cleaning industry and replace mops and buckets with more hygienic, efficient cleaning tools. In this new series of videos, Icky introduces his new mopping mentee, Benji, to his sworn enemy: Kaivac. Watch what ensues below!

Icky Introduces Benji to KaiTutor

Many cleaning professionals never get proper, hands-on training when they start a new job, leading to frustrated, undertrained employees and high turn-over. The Kaivac Omniflex SUV helps custodial workers excel in their jobs with KaiTutor,an onboard training system, and Icky doesn’t like it one bit.


Icky Catches Benji Usiing KaiTutor

Icky the Mop has been mentoring Benji in the ways of mopping. Now Benji has discovered KaiTutor from Kaivac, an onboard training system available on the Omniflex SUV designed to help custodial workers excel in their jobs. How will Icky take the news of Benji’s betrayal? We’re guessing not well. See for yourself below.



Icky Convinces Benji that Kaivac Doesn’t Stand a Chance to Stop the Mop

Like many industry pros, Benji is starting to realize that maybe the mop isn’t the best way to clean. Icky tries to explain that mops have been around for centuries. That’s why Kaivac and their Stop the Mop movement doesn’t stand a chance. Icky was swabbing the decks of the Mayflower (eh, Santa Maria) with Columbus after all.


Time to Stop the Mop

Unfortunately for Icky, it seems as though his days are numbered. Fortunately for Benji, and all cleaning professionals, there’s a better solution on the horizon. Stay tuned for more antics from Icky and Benji here on stopthemop.com or the Kaivac YouTube page.

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