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How to Correct Poor Mopping Habits

July 24, 2017   http://kaiv.ac/4c1XkQ
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How to Correct Poor Mopping Habits

While it does not get much press here, our Northern neighbor has been grappling with some very serious problems in their hospitals. People enter Canadian hospitals with one ailment, but all too often leave with another illness acquired in the hospital.

To rectify the situation, researchers have been examining how the hospitals are being cleaned; and what they found is that many of the problems are the result of the ways the floors are maintained.

Let’s take a look at what they uncovered and how these issues can be corrected:

Problem: A hospital supervisor said that it is “common practice” for housekeepers to “not change the cleaning solution in the mop bucket.”

Correction: Mop buckets should always be cleaned after each use and allowed to air dry. In a hospital setting we need to take this a step further: clean the bucket with an all-purpose cleaner, rinse, dry, and then clean again with a disinfectant.

Problem: Housekeepers often leave used mops soaking in mop buckets so they can use them quickly during the course of the day.

Correction: Soaking mops in mop buckets creates a perfect environment for germs and bacteria to grow. Change mop heads frequently and never leave mops soaking in soiled mop water.

Problem: A nurse reported that she had seen housekeepers mopping common areas of the hospital “after having [just] mopped the rooms of infected patients.” Asked why the housekeeper was doing this, the housekeeper said “because I don’t have enough time to change the mop heads.”

The nurse responded, “[this housekeeper] has just cross-contaminated the whole area, so there’s no area [in the hospital] that is actually clean.”

Correction: Having not enough time means risking the health – even the life – of patients in the hospital. Mops should be changed after cleaning each patient room and frequently when cleaning common area floors.

While there are ways to address each of these floor mopping issues, there is only one “correction” that will eliminate all of them.

Housekeepers in hospitals and all types of facilities must stop mopping floors. None of these problems will occur using Kaivac’s AutoVac or SUV floor cleaning systems.

Not only will this help stop the spread of contamination, but it saves a lot of time and money:

  • Mop buckets do not need to be cleaned and disinfected after every use; only clean fresh water/solution is applied to the floor.
  • There is no need to purchase costly boxes of mop heads because they need to be changed so frequently; no mops are used at all with the Kaivac systems.
  • Tests show the AutoVac and SUV floor cleaning systems are three to four times faster than floor mopping.
  • And, as far as protecting health, independent tests show the AutoVac and SUV systems clean as effectively – if not more effectively – than a high priced automatic scrubber.


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