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Stop the Mop

Disgusting But True

Let’s start with one word – clean. What does it mean to be clean? From a scientific perspective, a surface is only clean during the absence of unwanted matter. Unfortunately, according to every scientific study we found or conducted, mops fail to make surfaces clean.

#1 Mops give bacteria a free ride

Bacteria in Mop
Mop Bacterial Population

#2 Within one week, a mop can grow a bacterial population of millions

#3 Over half of cleaning tools in restaurants test positive for E. coli

Diner Janitor Closet
Janitor Not Cleaning

#4 You are better off not cleaning than cleaning improperly

#5 Even if a mop looks dry on the outside, it likely is still moist and harboring bacteria on the inside

Bacteria in Mop
Mop Spreading Bacteria

#6 Mops are more likely to spread contaminants than remove them

These facts about mops may be disgusting, but they are the true findings of Dr. Charles Gerba, the Toxics Use Reduction Institute at UMASS, and our studies here at Kaivac.

“I Stopped The Mop”

We totally got rid of mops. They don’t do a good job; they’re not cost effective. New technology has made mopping obsolete. I find it amazing that mops are still being used as much as they are. Why would I make my employee use a dirty, nasty mop? The dignity of the worker matters.

Tom McLean

President of BTG Labs

We currently use the Kaivac 1750 No-Touch Cleaning System and the OmniFlex System. The results are great. They allow the employees to clean touch-free, and there is no more cross-contamination from moving surface to surface with mops or microfiber cloths.

Ivan Royal

National Operation Manager of Olympus Building Services

OmniFlex SUV

Featuring OmniFlex SUV

An Effective Alternative

  • Kaivac systems are proven to be up to 60 times more effective at removing bacteria than mops
  • Studies found the OmniFlex SUV is twice as effective at removing E. coli than a mop
  • According to independent tests, the No-Touch Cleaning system removes more than 99.9% of targeted bacteria when used with plain tap water only
  • The No-Touch Cleaning system removes 98% of urine residue on both smooth hard surfaces and grout lines

Sources: Kaivac, Toxics Use Reduction Institute at UMASS, ISSA Cleaning Times

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