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BTG Labs Stopped the Mop in Favor of New Floor Care Technology

October 12, 2016   http://kaiv.ac/4c1Xyh
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At their headquarters in Cincinnati, BTG Labs researches, innovates and manufactures specialized surface analysis equipment. Their prestigious client base, including Google, Apple, NASA, General Electric, and GM, regularly visits their facility to inspect operations, conduct product trainings, or do research and development. In order to create a welcoming space that earns the trust of large companies, BTG Labs President Tom McLean decided to Stop the Mop in his facility. They now use the Kaivac OmniFlex system for total hard floor care.

“Some of our clients are coming from facilities with very sophisticated clean rooms, so we need to match their expectations and show that we have the same concern for cleanliness and order that they do,” said McLean. “Stopping the mop was an easy decision to make once I saw how the Kaivac systems clean. With our OmniFlex, the more we use it, the cleaner and cleaner it gets.”

Previously, McLean and his staff would have to inspect the building prior to client visits, because they could not feel confident that the floors were clean. McLean would remove dirty mop strings caught on table legs and remove mop streaks from floors and walls. Then they would steer clients away from the dirtiest room in the facility: the mop closet. In the last year, not only has McLean stopped the mop with his own staff, but he also influenced their cleaning contractor to adopt the Kaivac system.

“Mops don’t do a good job; they’re not cost effective. I find it amazing that mops are still being used as much as they are. New technology has made mopping obsolete,” said McLean. “We’re a high tech company. We invest in tools for our employees so that they can do a more efficient and effective job. Invest in the right tools, and you are going to get your payoff.”

When asked to compare the effectiveness of the Kaivac OmniFlex system with that of a mop, McLean didn’t hesitate.

“There’s no comparison,” said McLean. “It’s a night-and-day difference. The OmniFlex is significantly better at removing soil than a mop.”

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